career-in-retirement Starting an Encore Career in Retirement

Experts labeled the birth of more than 76 million babies between 1946 and 1964 the “baby boom.”[i] It was America’s largest generation, although Millennials are on the verge of overtaking… Read More

Jordan Dechtman / September 20, 2018
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family-financial-planning How To Write A Family Novel And Why

Three generations. That’s all you have. And then you’ll be forgotten. Completely. Only your name may remain. Memories of you will have long since passed into the annals of parochial… Read More

Jordan Dechtman / September 17, 2018
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multi-generation-household-wealth-management The Sandwich Generation

They are hard pressed on both sides. They manage the needs and challenges of several households. They firmly occupy the middle ground between two generations. They are members of the… Read More

Jordan Dechtman / September 13, 2018
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recover Financial Mistake How To Recover From a Financial Mistake

History tells of investors leaping from tall buildings during the Great Depression.[1] It was Black Thursday, October 24, 1929.[2] Newspaper columnist Will Rogers wrote: “When Wall Street took that tail… Read More

Jordan Dechtman / August 28, 2018
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