Happiness Is Being A Grandma


December 4 2018

This month we wanted to spotlight one of the members of Dechtman Wealth Management for recently becoming a Grandma of 9! Linda Roberts has been with the firm for 15 years so most of you hopefully know her by now. If not, here is a little more about what’s most important to her: her children and grandchildren.

Linda and her husband Mark have 3 daughters, Mackenzie, Stephanie and Lyssa. Twelve years ago, her oldest daughter Mackenzie and her husband Kyle, gave birth to Emma and Linda got promoted to “Nomi” and Mark got promoted to “Coach”. They intended for Linda to be called “Noni”, but Emma couldn’t say that name so “Nomi” it was! Mark goes by Coach because Emma said “Crappy” instead of “Grampy”! Coach was much more fitting as Mark has been a baseball and a softball coach for over 30 years.  Just two years later Mackenzie and Kyle brought Elsie into the world. For a long time, it was just the four of them in Kansas until, SURPRISE, Carlie was born just last year!

Linda’s middle child Stephanie and her husband Oscar, live in Minnesota with their two girls Zurielle (7) and Zerahiah (5). Stephanie and Oscar also have one more child in heaven, Zeke, who would have been 6 years old. Stephanie and Oscar recently moved to Minnesota from California. Linda is a little sad she won’t be able to visit them at the beach anymore, but she is happy they live a little closer now.

Coach, Carlie, Elsie, Zurielle, Emma, Nomi and Zerahiah

Lastly, Linda’s youngest daughter Lyssa and her husband Chris, the only Colorado residents of the family, have 3 children. Evelyn (3), Laddie (2) and Klein (just one month old!). Lyssa and Chris recently moved back to Colorado, making Linda and Mark extremely happy to have some of their grandchildren nearby. They are currently living with Linda and Mark so they get to spend a lot of quality time with them. Lyssa’s children do call Linda “Noni” so now she goes by two names!

Big sister Evelyn and big brother Laddie holding baby Klein.

When we asked Linda what her favorite thing is about being a Grandma, here is what she told us:

“I love all my grandchildren’s unique personalities.  I’m sure all grandparents say the same thing, but they’re all so special, smart, talented and beautiful.  There is a range of ages – so I get to experience the baby stage, the terrible 2s up to the oldest two who are playing softball and basketball (following in their mother’s footsteps).  It’s also been really great to see what wonderful parents my grandchildren have – both their mothers (my daughters) and their husbands are raising some wonderful people.”

We know that many of our clients are Grandmas and Grandpas, Nanas and PopPops, Nonis and Nonas, etc. and can relate to the quote, “Grandchildren fill a place in your heart that you didn’t know was empty.” We would love to hear how many Grandchildren you have and what they call you! Let us know the next time you come in to the office!