financial-market-insights Monthly Financial Insights – October

Hello and thank you for watching this month’s Dechtman Wealth Management Financial Insights. In this month’s video, I’ll discuss some of the major headlines that influenced markets in October. I’ll… Read More

Jordan Dechtman / November 12, 2018
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common-investment-mistakes Avoiding Professional Advice

Studies show that 90% of people believe that they’re better than the average person at driving or getting along with people. In reality, we all know that many people can’t… Read More

Jordan Dechtman / October 18, 2018
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dechtman-wealth-management-investment-mistakes Chasing Performance

In this video, we discuss why chasing investment performance is a big mistake. Here’s a number…$380,000 – that’s the amount you’re potentially losing out on if you chase performance and… Read More

Jordan Dechtman /
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